Here are some great services and reads that we recommend for you and your pets.  Click on the title to visit their websites.


Winkie Spiers – our favourite dog trainer and behaviourist, up to date on the latest positive training and behaviour methods, highly recommended for any issues

CaniX – Cross running (running with dogs attached to you). Great exercise for dogs that are fully developed and old enough.

The dog friendly Petersham Nurseries Cafe – There are no words to describe how much we love it there!

The Raw Dog Food Diet – Useful information regarding raw feeding.

Honey’s Raw Organic Dog Meat – Excellent organic raw food, you’ll never want kibble again!

Lily’s Kitchen – Yummiest dog food

Vets on White Hart Lane – Our favorite vets. My dogs actually drags me IN through the door!

The Wolf Centre – The one and only Sean Ellis

Capable Canines – Richmond’s finest Agiltiy classes

The Viz Whizz! Not just a club, but the Spiritual home of vizslas and their owners

Groomers Online – Really good grooming guides for all breeds

Bach Flower Remedies for animals


John Bradshaw’s In Defence of Dogs

Annabel Burn in The Huffington Post

‘Animals in Translation’– the groundbreaking book of Temple Grandin, the Autistic Animal Behaviourist; it’s inspirational, educational and lots of other things that end with nal


We support Guide Dogs and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).

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