The Stork’s Russian Delivery

Welcome to Dog Days! Lots of exciting new developments, including the storks delivery!

IMG_0167It had been a wonderful Christmas and as if that wasn’t fun enough, January had seen a load of snow arrive!


Merlin, Rascal, Rufus, Waggle, Percy and Gonz were busy exploring when suddenly a stork flew overhead and dropped something small and hairy.


Goofy approached it and nudged it. “It appears to be some sort of sparrow” he announced. He tried talking to it but wasn’t getting much of a response, so he decided to try some of his native Russian. “zdrah-stvooy?”


Billy and Monkey watched carefully, and were amazed to see the creature respond! He or it, was Russian! Clever Goofy!


Everyone had lots of questions, but it soon became clear that the animal was very young, and spoke very little Russian.


Everyone agreed that he couldn’t be left to fend for himself. “We will have to take him with us” they decided.


“What is his name?” asked Waggle.


The animal didn’t appear to know his name, nor his history. He seemed more interested in the snowflake on the end of his pink nose. It was anyone’s guess.


Well, said Billy, “what about Rudolph? He arrived at Christmas – or near enough – and he has a bright pink nose…”


“And we need to elect some guardians” said Monkey. “He’s too young to fend for himself and has much to learn.”


Everyone agreed. Monkey and Rascal became Dog Mothers, and Goofy, as a fellow Russian, agreed to be the Dog Father.

But someone would need to take him home and look after him a night.


“Don’t look at me” said Gonzo. “I’ve got enough to do without being a single parent!”


“Oh come on,” said Rascal “We will all help you raise the little fella, just like everyone helped me raise Merlin… and look how great he turned out”


“Yes we’ll be with you every step of the way” said Monkey, “he’ll just sort of share your basket… ”


“This” said Gonzo, as the animal vigourously began to clean her left ear, “is known as the thin end of the wedge”


Before Gonzo knew it, Rudolph, or “Roodie” as he came to be known, became like a pesky shadow, following her every step.


Everyone helped with Childcare and decision making, and Gonz was able to continue with her tennis ball sniffing career unperterbed.


Rascal been right about it taking a whole village to raise a child, and look how well Merlin had turned out. Maybe, thought Gonz, it was do able.


He was annoying all right, but he sure kept her warm on those cold snowy nights.