The Story of Jeani and Monkey

I was living in Chicago when I adopted Monkey and was making plans to return to the UK with her. She was lucky to have had a wonderful walker in Chicago, from very early puppy-hood – and I knew I had a tough act to follow. I was determined to find the right person and started a lengthy and detailed search – for someone who really loved dogs and their world – and who wouldn’t take Monkey once around the block and call it a walk – as many ‘dog walkers’ do – especially in the city.

For Annabel, dogs are her vocation, this isn’t just a job. I found Annabel on line and from day 1 she was knowledgeable, caring and clearly expert – asking me all the right questions from our first e mail. Annabel recognized I was worried about handing my girl over to a stranger back then, but her approach inspired confidence in me as Monkey’s mum, as I take her adoption and care very seriously — so that I knew my girl would be safe as well as getting vital daily exercise and more fun than any gal can handle, when I have to work.

In Annabel, I have found someone in whom I have 100% trust – she is reliable, mature and has a knowledge of and love for dogs, that both we humans and her beloved dogs, feel and benefit from. Monkey watches the door intently awaiting her arrival and comes back tired and happy.

Obviously I can’t recommend Annabel highly enough. She notices everything – if Monkey isn’t herself she will call me and tell me. She is as invested in your dog’s happiness and well being as much as you are. What more can you ask? Annabel doesn’t take dogs on a walk, she takes them on mini adventures, and they love it, as you can see on her blog!
She is a pivotal member of our family and I am glad to say has become a good friend and advisor.

I am happy to provide direct references and can be contacted at