Often life gets too busy for humans, and doggies just don’t get the exercise that they desperately need and deserve. We like to make every dog a happy dog, and to give owners peace of mind. We don’t really do walks…we do mini adventures

What we do

We are based in Wimbledon and currently picking up from Belgravia, Chelsea, Fulham, Putney, Wimbledon and Barnes.

The walks are booked with 24 hours in advance. We collect doggies in our Renault Kangoo and go to the park. For the first couple of walks the dog will be on a lead as they need to get used to us.

An hour walk seems to be the perfect tonic for dogs, allowing them to socialise with other dogs, enjoy the adventure of walking in the great outdoors, and run off some of that excess energy. We are forever hearing happy owners tell her about how much a good regular walk has changed their life for the better – improving the bond between owner and dog, helping and healing neurotic behaviour which is so often caused by excess energy, and of course, figures becoming toned and slender like they should be. We ALWAYS poop scoop – and respect the natural habitats we work in.

We bring the dogs back around midday for the ones that have been on a morning walk or at about 4PM after the afternoon walk. We offer 3 Walks per day Monday to Friday.

If your dog is aggressive, we won’t be able to walk him with the other dogs, but we can offer one to one walks or behavioural training.

We can also take care of dogs for a full day or while you are on a holiday.

We have public liability & key-holder insurance, which covers us if your key goes missing to replace your locks, and any accidents your dog may cause in our care.

Please see below for pricing…

Woofs of Wimbledon

Day Care

We charge £30 for daycare


We charge £15-20 for walks, although Belgravia and Chelsea can be higher

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